Adlantic Advertising & Design is a full service
ad agency/design studio. We've been in
business since 1985.

Adlantic produces creative ad campaigns for
every business and we do it all, from "soup
to nuts." Our wide range of clients consist of
Retail businesses, to large Corporations.
From Banking Institutions, to Major Restaurant
chains and everything else in between.

So what's with the surfing images and the
reference to the Marines? Good question.
First of all, Adlantic is located near the Atlantic ocean and for a very good reason. We enjoy
the ocean and surfing. The Marines land on
beaches. Oh, and the owner served in the
Marine Corps.

We did a fundraiser for the ADA a few years
back and it all ties in with what we just
explained about service and surfing.

ADA (American Diabetes Association)
"Catch A Wave For Gus."
Click here for details.

We also have another division of our creative business doing short Mini Doc-u-Movies with a company called MLM Memory Lane Movies
check it out.

Let The Creative Team at Adlantic Help You
Give your business a "Kick In The Ads!"



"If I say it's safe to Advertise!
It's safe to Advertise!"

Young Adlantic videographer apprentice, Max Vincent Fatello surfing down the
street from Adlantic's offices.






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