Why do they call it "Surfing The Net"?

Everyone's surfing the web! Think about it. Surf this-surf that...blah blah blah...
well, the Creative Director of Adlantic surf's for real. This is a picture of him surfing
down the street from Adlantic's offices. Is this important? No. Is this any reason to
hire Adlantic? No. We just thought people like you would get a kick out of seeing
one of us out in the ocean...surfing. The truth is...a whole bunch of Adlantic's
clients surf too. It's kind of like golf. Instead of taking a client out for lunch and
9 holes of golfing we take 'em out for a hearty surf. Bring your
trunks and wetsuits when you drop by this office.

Speaking of Surfing. The Surf-a-Thon for the American Diabetes Association.
ended on July 26, 2001. Along with your help we raised over $30,000.00!
Thank you so much!


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Click Here for a really cool Surf Site Dedicated to surfing in New Hampshire

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